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"SKIN TRADE"  released 2014

feature film;

co-wriiten Dolph Lundgren, Steven Elder, Gabe Dowrick

starring Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Ron Perleman, Peter Weller

"TWO FEET" in development

After the abrupt disappearance of his father, young Mark finds solace in an unconventional upbringing within a close-knit South African community during the 1960s in this unique coming-of- age screenplay. 

feature film;
co-written Mark Roper and Steven Elder
"LAND OF MORNING CALM" in development

Land Of Morning Calm is set in a tough coal-mining village of 1950’s Yorkshire, and in the trenches of war-torn Korea. It is a story of conflict between a widower father and his youngest son, Sam. It is a story of a young man seeking his father’s love and approval by proving himself to be a “man” - a warrior. 

feature film;
written by Steven Elder
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